Extra Functionality


Once everything is working, and you're confident of being able to track the flight, you may consider extending the hardware with extra sensors, or the software with extra functions:


Adding a BMP180 pressure sensor

This Page explains how to connect and configure a pressure/temperature sensor.


Adding an external DS18B20 Temperature Sensor

This Page explains how to connect and configure a second DS18B20 temperature sensor (in addition to the one on the PITS board).


Modifying The Code

If you want to do something different from the norm, for example taking video as well as still images, or adding code to read data from a I2C sensor, then click here.  However, before doing so, we suggest you read guide to how it works.


APRS Tracker

For countries where it is legal to fly amateur radio transmitters, APRS is a great option.  See our guide on our new APRS board.


LoRa Tracker and Gateway

LoRa promises longer range at higher data rates, and simpler/cheaper receiving equipment.  See our guides on how to make a LoRa tracker and receiver (gateway).

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